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Full Version: November Yearbook Challenge
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Hi Ladies,

I'm not promising I"m back, but giving a trial run this month...I have enjoyed what you all have doneĀ  so far and hope you will continue.

Here is a November template (for October pages, or whatever you like).

[Image: gval_November_Template_zpsxdoqo29h.jpg]


And you can get this Bonus in the November Yearbook bonus thread for participating.
[Image: gval_life_preview_zpsixx0gisj.jpg]

I've overdone it with my back a little today, but made some progress...hope you all enjoy the little gifts.
Super Gloria , but the link by the template is not working...
Nelleke, can you please try again...the link is correct, but I deleted and created a new one.....let me know.....I'm so sorry my links have had issues this week.
I just tried it and it worked for me--it's the leaf template we are talking about, right. Dutchie, give it another try. Thank you Gloria.
got it , thanks Gloria.
Here what I made with your loving bonus gift.

Nov 2016 Impromptu Challenge by Dawn
Here is my Button page - Nov.2016-Sundown ,Dawn. thanks for the fun.
I used buttons from : _HSA_Basics _buttons
and the loving gift from gval_life_2016 -
pict. free to use from my friend sake Visser , thanks Eileen-Gloria-and Sake.
font- WritingStuff
shadowed a bit
link image-Nov.2016-Sundown
[Image: Nov_2016-Sundown_28Custom29_28229~0.jpg]
link gallery-Nov.2016-Sundown
This is soooo beautiful, Nelleke!!! great photo!!
thanks and your welcome Gloria