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Hi Ladies and Welcome to Oh Snap! Let's Scrap!

I hope you enjoy our little piece of the web and use our challenges to show off your designs, those of a designer you CT for, or just come and keep us company.

This challenge is going to be ongoing in that each month we will scrap about the previous month, using your style, but focusing on traditional scrapbooking. Since we aren't all "traditional" scrappers, please use whatever format makes you happy, but my templates and examples will be traditional, as that is me. I will post several templates in this section to help give you ideas or for you to use, whatever is best for YOU. Some of you may want to start a 12-month, 2-page layout, where each month you add to it, like a progressive scrap; others may want to do a 1- or 2-page spread each month; and some of us just might want to use a calendar format. The idea is that by next January you will have an entire scrapbook for 2016 finished....not in time for Christmas, but in time for a birthday, mother's day, or father's day gift for your family as the year goes on.

I really want you to put thought into these pages....it doesn't matter if you finish during the month or by the end of the year, I just want you to have your year captured to pass on to your family. I will post a gift at the end of each month, just for stopping in, so rather you participate or not, you can snag a gift from me, but, of course, I hope you will join in on capturing our memories!

As long as you are active and participating, you can use kits and advertise for any designer on the web, as long as it is family-friendly. So, for example, you can post your layout, along with a preview of the kit you used and a link to that designer's store. 

Let's make 2016 Memorable!

Templates to Download to Help You in Your Journey   ***************LINKS ARE NOW ACTIVE****************

[Image: gval_Yearbook%20Journal%20Template_zpsqw9q1n78.jpg]

[Image: Yearbook%20Quarterly%20Review%20Template...9fyomx.jpg]

[Image: gval_Year%20in%20Review%20Template_zpswavgaqux.jpg]

[Image: gval_16-Square%20Templates_zpsqtx5m2qb.jpg]

[Image: gval_Calendar%20Template_zpsmnc2l1p2.jpg]

[Image: gval_January%20Template_zps58laufol.jpg]
Gloria, this looks wonderful. It keeps us scrapping very personal ideas and causes us to think about ourselves (which I hate doing).
Gloria, I am looking forward to joining you in this challenge. I have in the past taken part in the P52 or P365 with taking a photo each day but this year 2015 got too busy around August and I did not finish my pages so I may do a catch up on that and share what I create plus keep up with what you challenge us with being a monthly page for 2016.
Hi Gloria ,Welcome too in this new place , let's hope it will be great !!!
I am happy to see you in here with a new challenge. thanks for all the stuff for using by this challenge , I will see how to fill it up every month..So I play , oh yes ! xxx
Hi Gloria, are we starting this in January (which means post the month before (Dec 2015) or are you waiting to post the first one in February to get the postings for January? Or do we all try to post the end of the month for that same month (post end of Jan. for Jan, etc.)
love this idea - I need to be taking more pictures and I will be collecting them during Jan
(12-30-2015, 02:13 AM)Bernadette Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Gloria, are we starting this in January (which means post the month before (Dec 2015) or are you waiting to post the first one in February to get the postings for January?  Or do we all try to post the end of the month for that same month (post end of Jan. for Jan, etc.)

Bernie, we will start in February making layouts for all you did in January and go through next January where you will scrap December 2016...this will make a 1-year album that you can print and share with your family for any holiday in 2017 as a gift if you'd like.

Any of the templates can be used, or you can use your own style, because this is a challenge that should truly be for keepsakes and I know for me, if that's the case, I don't want to be tied to a certain template style, but for those that need assistance, or just want to use any of them, they are welcome to do so. I will post a new one each month that coordinates with the previous months so if you want to keep a style for the whole year you can. Like the year I did the ABCs as templates.

Not everyone has time to do one monthly so if they like a quarterly or annual format, that is their choice....like a progressive scrap, start with a template and add pics throughout the year until they are done. That is why I will post the bonus at the end of the month, not everyone will have a completed page at the end of the month and I still want them to get a bonus, but I will limit the time to download to 10 days in the following month.

Hope this explains the method to my madness Smile
KatLen, soooo glad you will be joining us here!!!
Now I understand how we get that last month in. My idea as of right now would be a one-page LO for me each month, I don't know what size I plan to do it but maybe CD size so that I can keep it compact for 12 months, or I might look through my albums to see what I have. I will be there though, it's easy to take pictures, it's just that now it's finding pictures of interest as I notice that many times I don't snap as often. Will try for sure.
So glad you will join in, Bernie. I always do 2-page layouts for my home projects, but sometimes I might put January next to February in a like format. I am going to also design a template for just journaling, as sometimes it's just the story you want to tell, no pictures are taken or required, or some might want to tell the month story each month and that will be their second page of a 2-pager....that will come before the challenge gets started.
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