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Full Version: 2017 June Template Challenge
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Hello my friends, it is now in the middle of the year, and the summer is coming

here it is warm and sometimes rainy,

I am having a new template and bonus for you

[Image: OSLS-0617-template-preview.jpg]

[Image: OSLS-0617-TB-preview.jpg]

Download template here

have fun fun fun

Here you can see the layout I made the template from

[Image: gds-ReadyForSummer_day6.jpg]

bonus sent to
Dawn , Bernie, Nelleke,
Thanks Anja , it looks great. will play
YAHOO, Anja is here. I'm so happy you are able to host this month, and the template and shapes all look great. Will be here soon.
Oooohhh - what a great template to follow! Hope I can get to it soon!
My layout for the June challenge. 
[Image: Lovely_Lilacs.jpg]

wow this looks beautiful. left some love in gallery and sent out the bonus
Thanks Anja!!
Angel Trumpets

[Image: Angel_Trumpets~0.jpg]

Love it Bernie. And the red ones are the ones the hummers love!
2017 June Template Challenge by Anja
Here is my June 2017 - Us in the Harz - Germany
thanks for the fun Anja
used all your template stuf , thanks
recolored / shadowed
font - Arial
pict. my own taken in the Harz - Germany during our weekend of with our friends Pieter & Tjesje
link image - June 2017 - Us in the Harz - Germany
[Image: June_2017_-_Us_in_the_Harz_-_Germany%7E0.jpg]
link gallery - June 2017 - Us in the Harz - Germany
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